Monitor, Manage, and Control: Bundle Your Smart Solutions in One Hub

Seamlessly Connect and Manage Your Smart Devices for Optimal Efficiency

Together with our partner Able Connect, we offer various smart solutions, as well as complete systems that bring all your individual smart devices together - even those from other providers. With our system, you can effortlessly manage, monitor, and control all these devices.

Total Control

In today's world, technology has a significant impact on our daily lives. Smart homes, healthcare facilities, and hotels/recreational parks are no longer futuristic concepts. With the rise of home automation and smart home systems, we can make our lives easier, more efficient, and safer.

In collaboration with Able Connect, we provide an extensive range of smart solutions that seamlessly integrate into a powerful hub. This enables you to bundle and effortlessly manage, monitor, and control all your smart solutions.

Imagine having your lighting, thermostat, security cameras, smart locks, and much more, all integrated into one system. With our hub, you have complete control over all these devices. You can control, automate, and monitor them - think of automatically adjusting lighting and thermostat based on motion detection or programmed schedules.

We offer smart solutions and complete systems, allowing you to manage, monitor, and control all your devices - even those from other providers.

Monitor, Manage, and Control Bundle Your Smart Solutions in One Hub

Also Suitable for Healthcare and Hospitality

Our solutions and systems are not limited to residential settings. We also provide solutions for healthcare facilities and the hospitality industry.

In the healthcare sector, we offer solutions that support independent living for the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Our solutions can, for instance, detect falls and immediately send alarms to caregivers or family members. Additionally, the system recognizes unusual activities and behavior patterns, enabling rapid intervention in emergencies. Medication reminders and appointments with caregivers can also be easily managed through our system.

In the hospitality industry, our smart home system ensures an advanced and personalized experience for your guests. You can customize the lighting, temperature, and curtains in the rooms based on your guests' preferences and external factors like the weather. A virtual assistant is ready to provide personal assistance and concierge services. Guests can easily access their rooms using smart locks that can be unlocked through our intuitive app or a smart key card.

The Benefits

We aim to make your life easier and more enjoyable, no matter where you are. Our smart home systems provide seamless integration of devices and services, giving you full control over your environment, including energy management.

Our hub can also offer extensive energy management capabilities. You'll gain insights into your energy consumption and set up smart automations to save energy. By monitoring and optimizing your energy usage, you can not only cut costs but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Get in Touch

We are ready to understand your specific needs and desires and provide tailor-made solutions. We ensure a smooth installation and configuration of the desired solutions and smart home system, and also offer comprehensive support and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

Contact us today and discover how we can transform your home, healthcare facility, or hospitality business into a smart and connected environment.

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