In 12 months, a sustainable, energy-efficient hotel

Building a sustainable hotel with an energy reset

With Nexus Reset, we transform your hotel into an energy-efficient and sustainable establishment. We help hotels switch to renewable energy cost-effectively and reduce their energy consumption.

Given the soaring energy prices, energy consumption has become an even more critical issue for many hotels. Fortunately, technology can help you reduce your energy usage. A reliable advisor can assist you in selecting and implementing the right technology. One of our products is Nexus Reset, which we develop in partnership with Nexus Hospitality.

Sustainable hotel: An energy-efficient hotel

The foundation of any sustainable business is data. Nexus Reset offers detailed insights into your hotel's energy consumption, enabling you to make informed decisions and choose the right solutions to save energy and, potentially, generate it.

We measure your electricity grid using highly accurate and easy-to-install measuring equipment. This provides detailed information about your electricity network, even down to the level of individual appliances. After a month, we gather enough data to produce a report highlighting areas for cost improvement and identifying potential hazards, such as short circuits.

To better understand your hotel's energy cycle and interconnect all points, one of our energy consultants visits your hotel. They study your network, installations, and business processes. This way, we precisely know how much power is used where, when, and by which device or during which process.

Following our comprehensive analysis, we select solutions to transform your hotel into a sustainable, cost-effective, and future-proof establishment. These include solutions for generating and storing energy, as well as managing energy usage. Think of energy-efficient products, smart batteries, and thermostat automation. Our findings are presented in a report, empowering you to make well-informed decisions based on accurate data.

The next step in Nexus Reset is implementing our solutions to help you save energy. We gladly support your business throughout this process. We can plan the implementation of these solutions, take the lead in their realization, monitor their progress regularly, provide status reports, adhere to timelines, and conduct quality controls.

Building a sustainable hotel with an energy reset

A sustainable hotel in 12 months

After 12 months, we reassess the performance of the solutions you have chosen. This gives you concrete data on the success of your efforts thus far and an overview of any areas for improvement. This provides a solid basis for further action. Of course, we can support you again in this phase, whether it involves long-term monitoring or introducing new solutions.

Do you also wish to operate as energy-efficient and efficiently as possible? Do you want to attract guests with your status as a sustainable hotel? We are pleased to help hotels with the best technological solutions for sustainability. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us. We can also assist you with solutions in the areas of telecom and comfort, such as Wi-Fi, TV, electronic locks, motion sensors, and much more.

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