Smart Hospitality: Manage and Control All Your Smart Devices in One Hub

Simplified Management, No Hassle of Multiple Apps

Together with our partner Able Connect, we have developed hospitality solutions that elevate your hotel, resort, or recreation business. What sets these solutions apart is the ability to bundle all our own offerings and those from other manufacturers into a single, powerful hub.

What’s Possible with Smart Hospitality?

In the hospitality industry, providing an exceptional guest experience is paramount. We understand that technology plays a crucial role in creating an advanced and personalized environment for your guests. So, what can you expect from our smart hospitality solutions? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights we offer, both as individual solutions and integrated into our hub.

Smart Room Control: With our solution, guests can easily adjust lighting, temperature, and curtains in their room to match their preferences and needs. Whether they use voice commands or our intuitive app, guests can fully personalize the ambiance and comfort of their room, leading to increased comfort levels and higher guest satisfaction.

Virtual Assistance: Our hospitality system also includes virtual assistants. Guests can effortlessly make requests through voice commands, such as ordering room service, scheduling wake-up calls, or inquiring about hotel facilities. The virtual assistant is always ready to provide personal assistance and concierge services, enhancing the guest experience.

Smart Access Control: Hotels and accommodations can benefit from our smart locks and advanced access control systems. Guests can enter their rooms using a smart key card or even their smartphones. This offers convenience and security, as physical keys become unnecessary, and access can be easily managed. Of course, these systems can also be seamlessly integrated into our hub.

Efficient Energy Management: Our hub provides extensive energy management capabilities in the hospitality industry. Hotels can gain insights into their energy consumption and set up smart automations to save energy, such as regulating lighting based on guest presence or optimizing temperature control in unoccupied rooms. This contributes not only to cost savings but also to a more sustainable operation.

Smart Hospitality Manage and Control All Your Smart Devices in One Hub

Bundling, Managing, and Monitoring Your Solutions

By integrating various smart devices and systems into our hub, hotels and accommodations can create a seamless and connected environment. Our hub serves as the central control center where all smart systems and devices converge. With our system, you have complete control over all your devices from one central location, providing easy access to all the features and settings of your smart hospitality system for a seamless integration and a luxurious experience for your guests.

No more hassle with separate apps and interfaces for each smart device. All devices can be managed and controlled through our user-friendly platform. Additionally, our system shares data and information between different devices. Imagine important guest data being instantly sent to the appropriate staff. This advanced integration allows you to create a smarter and more efficient hospitality environment.

Our system is highly flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of any location, whether it’s a hotel, resort, or other hospitality setting. You can add new smart hospitality devices and seamlessly integrate them into the existing hub. Whether it’s technologies like smart key cards, climate control systems, or other guest-oriented devices, our system can support them all.

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We understand that every hospitality business is unique, which is why we offer custom-made solutions that align with your specific needs and brand identity. We ensure a smooth installation and configuration of our system, providing comprehensive support and maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly. Together, we can work on creating an unforgettable guest experience.

Contact us today and discover how we can transform your hospitality business into an advanced and personalized environment.