Track and monitor machines and vehicles with wireless tracking systems

Advanced tracking solutions for mobile equipment

Our partner, Regent Mobile, offers various types of tracking systems that can remotely track and monitor mobile objects. These trackers are available in many variants, and in this article, we’ll focus on our wireless options.

With our wireless tracking systems, you can quickly recover stolen vehicles, track your drivers’ routes, or find out where a machine was last used. This system allows you to locate, track, and monitor all your equipment, machinery, and vehicles.

Our autonomous tracking system, also known as a GPS tracker, is a wireless tracking system with its own internal battery. As a result, the system doesn’t need to be connected to the vehicle’s battery or any other monitored object.

With our GPS trackers, we connect various mobile objects, enabling them to be controlled and tracked. The system is suitable for vehicles, (agricultural) machinery, and all types of mobile objects and devices.

Track and Monitor Machines and Vehicles with Wireless Tracking Systems

Tracking systems: Applications of our GPS trackers

Our tracking systems can also serve as a security solution. If you lose the object or can’t find it for any reason, the GPS tracker can help locate it. This way, the vehicle or object can be recovered as quickly as possible.

For logistics purposes, our autonomous tracking systems are highly beneficial. The system can track the location of vehicles and objects and follow their routes. Knowing the exact location of your employees is especially useful in various industries, such as freight and courier companies.

One of the unique features of our tracking systems is their ability to be linked with sensors. This allows you to extract various data from your machines, vehicles, and objects. Sensors enable various applications in logistics and service management, such as measuring engine temperature, tracking mileage and hours of usage, and managing fuel consumption.

The advantages of our tracking systems

As mentioned earlier, our GPS trackers operate on their own internal battery. We have kept the battery size small, which offers a significant advantage. Thanks to the compact size of our tracking systems, some models can even be attached to the handle of hand tools. Despite their small size, the batteries last at least three years. Additionally, in most systems, batteries can be replaced and/or recharged.

All information, such as the position of vehicles or objects, is always displayed clearly in our visualization system.

The variants of our tracking systems

We offer various types of GPS trackers. Let’s explore the GeoTAG, IoTAG, and MiniTAG:

  • GeoTAG is designed for use in the most challenging environments. The tracker is powered and charged by its own internal battery, which lasts up to five years without charging. GeoTAG operates via the Sigfox network.
  • With the latest technology, the IoTAG can generate over 70,000 positions on a single battery charge. IoTAG operates via the LoRa network and will soon be available with Bluetooth 5 localization.
  • The MiniTAG is the smallest tracker. It helps you find abandoned, misplaced, or lost hand tools. The tracker creates a location update every hour, providing you with a clear picture of your equipment’s whereabouts.

Would you like to learn more about our wireless tracking systems? Feel free to contact us for more information. We also offer wired systems, which draw power from the battery of the tracked and/or monitored object. The choice depends on the application, and combinations of systems are also possible.