Preventing theft of work equipment with our W2 immobilizer

Protect your valuable machinery with our certified security system

The W2 immobilizer, developed in partnership with Regent Mobile, can be used to prevent theft of work equipment. This certified security system also offers a wide range of tracking options.

According to the Landelijk Informatiecentrum Voertuigcriminaliteit (via Kiwa), around 1250 pieces of work equipment are stolen each year. Our experience shows that smaller machines, such as those used for digging cable ducts, are particularly vulnerable to theft by criminals.

Protecting work equipment against theft

Theft of work equipment, such as forklifts, loaders, and excavators, has serious consequences. It not only results in immediate material damage for the owner but can also lead to prolonged downtime while waiting for replacement equipment, resulting in further financial losses. Therefore, our goal is to prevent theft of work equipment as much as possible.

One of the tools to achieve this is our W2 immobilizer. This electronic security system prevents unauthorized movement of machines by blocking them.

Our W2 immobilizer is Kiwa SCM certified, a certification organization for vehicle and machine safety. The construction sector adheres to strict regulations and often requires Kiwa SCM certification.

Preventing theft of work equipment with our W2 immobilizer

Dual locking mechanism: engine start and fuel block

As mentioned earlier, our W2 immobilizer prevents unauthorized movement of the machine. It features a dual locking mechanism: engine start and fuel block. The attack resistance is at least 15 minutes.

Our W2 immobilizer is designed to be used on a large scale, particularly in the construction and related sectors. It can be installed on various types of machinery, including loaders, excavators, cranes, asphalt machines, rollers, bulldozers, and forklifts. For some of these machines, W2 security systems are even required for insurance purposes.

We are one of the few companies in the Netherlands offering W2 immobilizers. As an additional service, we can also assist with the installation. We deliver the device to your dealer, where it will be mounted on the machine. If your dealer does not have certified SCM mechanics, one of our technicians can perform the installation.

From W2 to W3

Some insurers demand a certification level higher than W2, namely W3. Technically, this safety standard no longer exists, but the conditions of your insurance policy may still require it. If your insurance company requires extra protection, our Regent Secure Service Label can help.

In the unfortunate event that criminals manage to steal your work equipment, the Regent Secure Service Label increases the chances of recovery. This is particularly useful for expensive machinery or when insurance companies request additional security measures.

The Regent Secure Service Label is part of our multi-tracker concept, combining multiple tracking systems with data reading, smart notifications, and a wide range of tracking options. This solution is linked to a European certified control center.

Do you want to learn more about the immobilizer or any of our other systems that protect your machinery, vehicles, and tools against theft? Feel free to contact us. We can also assist you with solutions for tracking and locating your machinery, vehicles, and tools. We will be happy to provide more information about these track and trace solutions.