Connecting drivers and planners with our smart planning system

Optimize routes and tasks with our smart planning system

Servizio is a powerful planning system developed in partnership with Regent Mobile. This system allows you to plan, view, and track tasks and routes for mechanics and drivers. With Servizio, you can save time and fuel costs while keeping your administration organized.

Servizio seamlessly integrates administration, planning, and field services, presenting a significant advantage for any organization with a field workforce. Ensuring efficiency in operations poses challenges, such as optimizing routes and assigning the right mechanic to each task. Servizio assists in planning routes and tasks, and can even automate the process. The solution comprises an online planner and an employee app, which can be optionally linked to other software.

Smart planning system: Planning routes and tasks

Servizio enables you to plan routes and tasks for your drivers and mechanics. When a customer places an order, you create a ticket in Servizio containing all the necessary information, such as repair details and the materials required by your drivers and mechanics.

Tickets can also be generated in your own ERP system, automatically sending a message to Servizio, creating a ticket with the same ticket number as in your ERP system.

Subsequently, your planner schedules tasks from the ticket box. The planner has real-time visibility of your drivers’ and mechanics’ location, speed, and ongoing/historical tasks. Their vehicles are displayed live on a map, enabling planners to observe active routes and identify stationary vehicles.

Connecting Drivers and Planners with Our Smart Planning System

Smart planning system: Routes and tasks viewing

Servizio presents all current routes on the map, aiding your planner in accurately scheduling incoming orders. The system can also recommend routes based on location, task type, and the skills of the service personnel. If the schedule falls behind, the system automatically recalculates the remaining appointments.

You can refine tasks or areas by zooming in on the map. For instance, the planner can check for all breakdowns near a specific driver. This makes it easy to assign a task to a driver who already has the necessary materials in their vehicle and is nearby.

Once a task is assigned to a service personnel, it appears on their app. The task provides all the required information, including the route to the customer. The app then guides them to the destination, with Servizio even showing the optimal route, as mentioned earlier.

Smart planning system: Tracking routes and tasks

In Servizio, your planner can track the progress of tasks. They can view which task a mechanic is currently handling, as well as completed or unresolved tickets due to lack of necessary parts, etc. The system also records the time spent by mechanics on tasks and the materials used.

All ticket data is stored in Servizio, including travel time, distance covered, fuel consumption, time spent with the customer, and total duration. Delivered goods, performed actions, and customer confirmation of receipt are also recorded.

All data registered by Servizio can be sent back to your ERP system, for instance, for invoicing purposes.

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