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Automatic service management for vehicles and mobile objects

Streamline logistics and service management with our integrated solution

Together with our partner, we develop tracking systems that connect to mobile objects, enabling monitoring and tracking. This connectivity opens up various logistical and service management applications, such as automated fuel and hour management.

Service management: Mileage and operating hours registration

Tracking mileage for your company vehicles or entire fleet can be tedious. Our tracking systems automate this process by automatically recording and processing all your trips. The system complies with tax regulations, and the reports are easily downloadable for your convenience.

Additionally, our tracking systems can automatically log operating hours. Various methods, like reading the onboard computer or monitoring movement, can measure these hours. For instance, when an object starts and stops moving within a short distance, like a kilometer, it is working on-site. If the distance is greater, it indicates transportation.

Automatic Service Management for Vehicles and Mobile Objects

Service management: Driver behavior analysis

Our tracking systems also enable the analysis of driving behavior. Metrics like G-forces, fuel consumption, and speed help answer questions about acceleration, turns, and braking habits.

Service management: Fuel management and anti-theft features

Another application of our tracking systems is fuel management. Data is collected via the onboard computer or sensors in the fuel tank. This is especially useful for portable fuel tanks, where generators on construction sites refuel. The system can measure and predict the remaining fuel, providing insights for efficient refueling schedules.

This data also enables fuel consumption analysis, revealing potential savings by minimizing engine idling. The fuel consumed can be converted into CO2 emissions, empowering you to operate more sustainably.

In countries where fuel theft is a concern, our tracking system can be an invaluable tool. By monitoring fuel levels, sudden drops in fuel quantity can be detected, indicating possible theft. Instant alerts via email or SMS inform the owner promptly.

Service management: timely maintenance

Our tracking system facilitates timely maintenance by providing alerts when service is due. For example, it can notify you when a tractor needs an oil change after 550 hours of operation, so you can schedule maintenance accordingly. Similarly, monitoring brake usage helps anticipate the need for replacements.

Interested in learning more about our tracking systems and their applications in logistics and service management? Feel free to contact us.