Climbing the CO2 performance ladder with fuel and energy measurement systems

CO2 Performance Ladder: measuring sustainability with precision

The CO2 Performance Ladder was created to help businesses reduce their CO2 emissions. To become certified, it is necessary to measure the current emissions of your company and the effectiveness of CO2 reduction measures. We are pleased to share how the fuel and energy measurement systems from our partner Regent Mobile can contribute to this goal.

In the Netherlands, we have a unique sustainability tool: the CO2 Performance Ladder. This assessment standard helps companies reduce their CO2 emissions, as well as their electricity and fuel costs, both in their own operations and throughout the entire chain.

How does the CO2 Performance Ladder work?

The CO2 Performance Ladder aims to make companies more sustainable. The ladder consists of five levels, each with different requirements. An important feature of this tool is that companies are free to implement it in their own way.

Certified companies (that climb higher on the CO2 Performance Ladder) gain advantages in government tenders. They also recoup their efforts through lower fuel and energy costs, material savings, and reduced wear and tear.

The CO2 Performance Ladder assesses a company’s performance from various angles. Insight is one of them. To become certified, it is necessary to measure a company’s consumption and emissions, both before and after implementing CO2-saving measures. Measurement is a crucial aspect of the CO2 Performance Ladder!

Climbing the CO2 performance ladder with fuel and energy measurement systems

How we can save energy and fuel

With the fuel and energy measurement systems from our 3Bplus partner, Regent Mobile, we provide companies with insight into their complete consumption and CO2 emissions. Thanks to the information from these measurement systems, companies gain direct insights into fuel and energy flows and can continuously monitor the impact of their CO2-saving measures.

Energy management

How much power does your company consume? How much does your consumption increase when you turn on the air conditioning? What do you save by turning off your PCs at night? With AdvanGrid, you can answer all these questions and more about your power consumption. The energy measurement system accurately measures your company’s power consumption, as well as that of all your individual machines and equipment.

AdvanGrid helps you precisely determine the amount of power your company consumes. The solution even allows for monitoring the energy consumption of individual devices. AdvanGrid offers customized reports, presenting all the statistics you need in a visualization system.

AdvanGrid also serves as a precise diagnostic tool. The data can be used to gain control over your company’s power consumption and, consequently, your CO2 emissions. AdvanGrid is a wireless solution, and installation takes just a few minutes.

Fuel management

Do you know how much gasoline your truck or machine consumes? And do you know that even during the 50 hours your truck stood idle with the engine running? Currently, the answer to such questions is usually just a guess. However, this type of measurement is possible with an advanced fuel management system.

The fuel management system works with sensors that read the necessary data, either through your vehicle’s onboard computer or directly from the fuel tank. The latter can be useful, for example, on construction sites where mobile fuel tanks are used.

With this sensor-based fuel management solution, you can see how much fuel a vehicle or container has left and how much has been consumed. This fuel consumption can then be converted into CO2 emissions.

Are you curious about these fuel and energy measurement systems or any of our other sustainability solutions? We’d be happy to tell you more. Feel free to contact us.