A smart hotel: Efficiency with a guest-centric approach

Future-proof hospitality solutions for modern hotels

Utilize our smart solutions to streamline and automate hotel management for greater efficiency, while also providing enhanced services to your guests.

Modern hotel guests expect advanced technology during their stays. To meet these expectations, hotels must integrate new technologies seamlessly to deliver a seamless guest experience. Here are some of the benefits:

Modern hotels: Automation

A smart hotel can save energy and costs through automation. For instance, it can automatically adjust the temperature when no guests are present or turn off heating and air conditioning once the desired temperature is reached. Remote monitoring enables efficient energy management and control of devices for optimal performance.

Modern hotels: Personalization

A smart hotel adapts to the preferences of its guests. For instance, if German-speaking guests are expected, German TV channels can be prioritized. The in-room TV can display information about hotel facilities, such as wellness availability, and guests can make appointments directly through the TV. Moreover, a central control point allows guests to customize lighting, window treatments, and sound in their rooms.

Future-proof hospitality solutions for modern hotels

Modern hotels: Data-driven decision-making

A smart hotel leverages data collected from the above smart solutions to make informed decisions. Data-driven decision-making involves using factual data rather than just intuition or observation. Analyzing hotel data adds value and helps improve decision-making.

Modern hotels: Comfort and convenience

Hotel guests increasingly seek technological solutions to enhance their experience, including home automation (domotica) for controlling electrical appliances remotely. This allows guests to regulate temperature and turn off lights from a distance. Electronic locks enable guests to open doors using their smartphones and allow staff to check room occupancy for timely cleaning.

Modern hotels: Security and safety

Smart hotels can employ security equipment like motion sensors that send instant alerts to technical or emergency services. Automated lighting that turns on as a guest walks to the bathroom at night enhances safety.

Modern hotels: LG Styler for smart laundry service

The LG Styler offers a smart laundry service to hotels, reducing operational laundry costs by eliminating off-site washing and ironing. Guests no longer need to transport their clothes to and from an external laundry service, providing faster and better service.

Looking to enhance efficiency and provide maximum guest comfort? Our team is ready to assist hotels with cutting-edge technological solutions. For more information, feel free to contact us. We also offer telecom and sustainability solutions, including Wi-Fi, TV services, energy monitoring, smart batteries, and much more.