What are serious games: An introduction

Serious games aim to teach or train players, or change their behavior. The positive impact of serious games on the development of various skills can be seen in various application areas. In this article we answer the question: what are serious games?

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The definition of serious games

Serious games have been developed for decades under various pseudonyms, including for example educational games. Serious games can come from any genre, use any technology and be developed for every platform. The difference with “normal” games concerns the goal of the game: serious games are designed to teach or train players, or change their behavior. However, it is not that serious games are by definition not entertaining, fun or fun. However, it is true that there is another goal to identify.

What are serious games? Serious games can have a positive impact on the development of various skills. Especially when the game in question is fascinating and motivating. Consider, for example, the development of spatial and strategic insight, learning and remembrance, psycho-motor skills, attention, self-monitoring, problem recognition and resolution, and social skills. One of the reasons why games are effective here is that learning and training takes place within a context that is meaningful for the game. In addition, serious games can be used to experience situations that are impossible or difficult to create in the real world. This for example in regards to safety and costs.

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