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The importance of the Internet: communication and information

In this article we look at the importance of the Internet. For many people, a fast Internet connection has become a basic provision, just like water, electricity and a paved road. Internet is important for people, but also for business. Without it a house or company will no longer be able to meet the requirements imposed on our society and economy. In this article we discuss the general importance of the Internet.

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The importance of Internet – communication and information

The Internet has ensured that people can communicate with each other in an easy and inexpensive way, no matter where in the world they are. People can explore and share ideas, and maintain social connections and networks. Social interactions can be invaluable for the development and strengthening of self-confidence and social skills. The Internet can help people develop their interests and find other people with the same interests.

It can also help broaden their horizons by introducing new ideas. The Internet has made it considerably easier to gather and distribute information in all forms. The broad and immediate availability of this makes it possible for everyone to improve their knowledge. In addition, people can put new theories or ideas online without the need for a paper publisher.

The importance of the Internet – social benefit

The Internet has enormous potential to achieve the right of freedom of expression and the right to information. The Internet can offer an accessible and powerful toolkit for emphasizing and responding to problems and causes. The Internet can be used to organize activities, events or groups to express problems and opinions and make a wider audience aware of them.

The importance of Internet – livability and sustainability

The Internet also makes it possible for companies to offer products and services at home and abroad, and to advertise them cheaply and on a large scale. In any case, the Internet can improve trade and economy. If developing countries could bridge the gap in Internet penetration, they would see a big increase in GDP growth and productivity, and improvement of health status and educational opportunities.

The possibilities concern all aspects of livability and sustainability. The Internet offers opportunities for working from home, the number of miles driven can be limited, and it contributes to pleasant living. This makes the balance between work and private life more flexible. Internet stimulates the economic development of rural areas and increases the value of homes and offices.

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