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What we do

TV solutions

Are you considering acquiring new TV services? And are you wondering what the best solution for your situation would be?
Good choices regarding TV, founded on sufficient background knowledge, are of vital importance for businesses. But for many companies and organizations, making these choices is not part of their core business.
At 3Bplus we take inventory of all of your needs. Next we link your needs to existing solutions or solutions that can be realized specially for you. With this knowledge you can make an informed decision, at the lowest possible cost.

Smart solutions

3Bplus offers integrated smart solutions for smart cities, homes and citizens. Our platforms can be linked to different smart systems. Only when we combine sensor data in different ways, a solution becomes truly smart.
The information that is produced can be provided to residents and employees. Sewage levels, fall detection and playground safety; measurement yields knowledge.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss our smart platforms and solutions with you.

Your needs translated into technical solutions

At 3Bplus, we put the needs of our customers first. We provide the best solutions for all your needs. We focus on the area between customer and providers, both in terms of infrastructure and services.
3Bplus is an innovative company. That’s why we focus on future-proof technology. This focus is also reflected in our work on smart solutions.
We offer sensor solutions in the field of comfort, safety and security, healthcare and smart cities. With sensor technology we measure water levels, air quality, soil conditions and parking options.

Specialized in TV and smart solutions

Do you prefer digital TV, IPTV, smart cards, TV On Tablet or something else? At 3BPlus we can support you in making these decisions and the implementation of your preferred solution. We also offer an interactive TV solution with television broadcasting services to which other and/or own content can be added. This way your TV screens turn into an interactive experience.

We also provide healthcare institutions, municipalities and businesses with innovative technology, such as sensor technology, videoconferencing and electronic locks. Also, we offer solutions in the field of (healthcare) domotics. We are happy to assist you with solutions regarding and sensor technology.

Our blog

In our blog you can read more about the latest developments in our field of work. You can find articles about innovations in healthcare, housing and sustainability. We also discuss subjects like smart cities, Artificial Intelligence and VR.
We also have a section for our English blog posts.

Read our blog

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About 3Bplus

At 3Bplus we’re focused on pinpointing the exact needs of our customers, based on the desired functionalities. By merging your needs, we can offer a specific solution that fully meets your requirements.
We operate in four main areas: sales on behalf of providers, consultancy, project management and innovation. For example, as an independent party, we carry out the sales of products and services for various providers. We can also help you define your needs, advise on possible new solutions and remove existing problems. We can also manage your projects and build solutions, for which we can also take on the service management. Finally, we are actively engaged in innovations in the telecom and communications sector.