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Detailed insight into your power consumption and electricity grid

Efficient Energy Management: Real-Time Insights into Electricity Grid

AdvanGrid from our partner Regent Mobile provides you with insight into your power consumption. This solution monitors your entire power network and all the devices connected to it. You always know exactly how much power each device consumes, the quality of the power, and how much power you are feeding back to the grid. This data provides valuable insights and helps you manage energy more efficiently.

How much does it cost to keep the lights on in the meeting room all day? How much power do your computers consume when left on day and night? How much are you spending on air conditioning your building on a hot afternoon? Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how much power you use in a day and how much each of your different devices and machines contribute to it?

Know your power consumption

Measurement leads to knowledge. The data collected by AdvanGrid gives you insight into your energy usage. Since your entire electricity grid and all connected devices and machines are measured, you know exactly what can be improved. The solution provides you with a precise view of your company’s energy consumption down to the level of individual machines. This gives you the information you need to work more sustainably and efficiently.

How AdvanGrid works

AdvanGrid consists of a GridLink and one or more GridMates. The GridLink is placed where power enters your organization, such as in the meter cupboard. It accurately measures the entire electricity grid. GridMates are then placed on all the devices you want to monitor, such as air conditioners and lighting. This way, you can also break down the total power consumption into individual devices.

Real-time data and customized reports

AdvanGrid reads the collected data about your power consumption and electricity grid every 100 milliseconds. The data is then sent to the cloud and imported into the visualization system, which updates every five seconds. This allows you to remotely access and view the data almost in real-time. You can also download the data and have it automatically sent to your email. If you need customized reports, AdvanGrid can provide that as well.

In the visualization system, you’ll find an overview and a map, making it easy to pinpoint the cause in case of issues, such as a power outage. You can also set up alerts for certain events, like line overload, and receive notifications via SMS and email.

Simple installation

AdvanGrid is easy to install, both in your meter cupboard and on the individual devices that need to be monitored. Other systems on the market may require extensive integration or may not be compatible with different meter cupboard brands. With AdvanGrid, this is not necessary. The installation process doesn’t even require a power interruption or modifications to the wiring. A GridLink can be installed within ten minutes, and GridMates can be set up within five minutes.

Examples of applications

Knowing their energy consumption is beneficial for all businesses. Let us demonstrate this with four examples that highlight the added value of AdvanGrid:

The administrator of a residential complex with twenty apartments wants to know the electricity consumption per apartment. Currently, he only knows the total incoming power and what he needs to pay for. But who consumes how much? With one GridLink and twenty GridMates (one for each apartment), he can precisely see each resident’s consumption.

Government institutions need to demonstrate their sustainability efforts, but often rely on rough estimates. The only indication they have is the energy bill, which still doesn’t show if an employee left their PC on standby all night. AdvanGrid provides institutions with this insight.

Are you considering installing solar panels but unsure if it’s worth the investment? AdvanGrid helps you determine when you use the most power. Ideally, you want the moment of generating solar energy and its usage to coincide. For example, if you produce and consume a lot at 1:00 PM, it’s more efficient than peaking at 5:00 PM.

An organization experiences a sudden surge in their energy bill. How is this possible? AdvanGrid can be used as a precise diagnostic tool. The organization decided to monitor their electricity consumption for a month, allowing them to identify peak consumption times and the biggest energy-consuming devices.

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