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Examples of sustainability for companies

Characteristics and examples of sustainability for companies

More and more companies a wide range of greener and sustainable initiatives. One of the most common examples is the use of electronic correspondence instead of paper. At a higher level, one could think of re-using products, reviewing production processes to eliminate waste production, and opting for non-toxic materials and processes. Sustainable entrepreneurship must also take into account the life cycle costs of produced items. Finally, some companies evaluate the environmental performance of suppliers before they commit themselves.

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Sustainability for companies – six essential characteristics

A sustainable business has six essential characteristics:

1) Value production that sets three simultaneous requirements – financial benefits for the company, environmental improvement, and social benefits for employees and members of the local community – and where each of these three components has an equal status.

2) Knowledge and technology based on the environment and nature, with conscious emulation of the natural world in areas such as food, energy, construction, information processing and community design.

3) Transition to products of services and rethinking products of consumption. Service products are durable goods that are routinely rented by the customer, made from technical high-quality materials and when worn out, are sent back to the manufacturer for re-processing into a new generation of products. Products of consumption have a shorter life and are only made from biodegradable materials. They are broken down by waste organisms after the products lose their usefulness.

4) Use of sustainable energy technology that can meet our energy needs indefinitely, without negative consequences for life on earth.

5) Sustainable and healthy communities with locally held and managed companies, and regional companies and shareholders working in a dense web of partnerships.

6) The operational processes contain condtions for constant progress and improvement.

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