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Limit fuel theft with the drive-through prevention system

Smart cameras for fuel theft prevention

Together with our renowned partners, such as AVUTEC, we enable various computer vision solutions. One of these solutions involves limiting fuel theft with the drive-through prevention system.

Computer vision, which falls under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence, allows computers to process images. This means the computer can recognize, analyze, classify, and track objects and make informed decisions based on what it “sees.” Computer vision goes beyond mere image registration. With our computer vision solutions, we can detect fuel thieves, among other applications.

Fuel theft prevention: Smart cameras and license plate recognition

Using smart cameras equipped with automatic license plate recognition, authorized individuals, such as staff and guests, can access your closed parking area without delay. Access control is determined based on the vehicle’s license plate. This method is not only faster than using an intercom or access cards, but it’s also much simpler.

The same system can be applied to our drive-through prevention system, which helps minimize the financial losses caused by fuel theft.

Limit fuel theft with the drive-through prevention system

Fuel theft prevention: What is the drive-through prevention system?

When a vehicle stops at the fuel pump, the license plate, pump number, car make and model, and other relevant RDW data are displayed on a tablet at the cashier’s counter. If the vehicle drives away without paying for the fuel, the cashier can mark it as a drive-through incident. Subsequently, the station manager is notified that the drive-through vehicle needs verification for national or local registration.

The station manager usually reviews the recorded video footage to confirm if the vehicle is indeed a drive-through case. Once verified, the station manager approves the central registration. From that point on, every other gas station equipped with the drive-through prevention system will be alerted when this registered drive-through vehicle is detected on their cameras. Upon detection, each tablet at the cashier’s counter will emit a warning signal, enabling the cashier to take immediate action, such as blocking the specific fuel pump, preventing the vehicle from refueling.

Fuel theft prevention: What are the capabilities of the drive-through prevention system?

With the drive-through prevention system, data of drive-through incidents during fuel theft can be recorded, and the drive-through vehicles can be registered locally or preferably nationally. This simplifies the process of collecting evidence in case of fuel theft. Additionally, the system prevents previously known drive-through incidents with the same vehicle from occurring at other locations. When a registered drive-through vehicle is detected, the cashier is immediately alerted at the counter.

At the core of the drive-through prevention system is a nationwide database of drive-through vehicle license plates. This database is accessible through the management site, which is accessible by both the station manager and the administrator at the headquarters. Multiple station managers can be assigned to a location by the administrator.

Fuel theft prevention: How does the drive-through prevention system work?

The drive-through prevention system consists of two components: the hardware (the server system with one or more tablets at the cashier’s counter) and the subscription. For instance, there is no need to invest in new camera systems; the system can make use of existing camera setups. However, the drive-through prevention system requires an internet connection, which is connected to both the server and each tablet. Due to security measures, the used tablet can only connect to the fixed, local network where the server is also connected.

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