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Because we believe that information should be available to everyone, we also offer a number of our articles in English. To begin with a number of basic articles, in which we give definitions of a number of phenomena, such as AI, VR, AR and Smart Cities.

Omdat we vinden dat informatie voor iedereen verkrijgbaar moet zijn, bieden we een aantal van onze artikelen ook in het Engels aan. Om te beginnen zijn dat een aantal basisartikelen, waarin we definities geven van een aantal fenomenen, zoals AI, VR, AR en Smart Cities.

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We houden bij 3Bplus al meer dan twee en een half jaar een blog bij. In die periode hebben we al behoorlijk wat artikelen geschreven. In dit artikel houden we een overzicht van alle artikelen van 3Bplus bij. Spring naar: Ouderenzorg Gezondheidszorg Duurzaamheid Internet Slimme Oplossingen Artificial Intelligence Overig Engels Ouderenzorg Hoe nemen we angst bij ouderen weg? Veranderingen in de ouderenzorg hebben ervoor gezorgd dat ouderen langer thuis blijven wonen, vaak zonder partner of andere huisgenoot. Dit levert een potentieel gevaarlijke situatie op. Ouderen zijn bijvoorbeeld gewend de deur te openen voor de verzorging. Criminelen zouden hier mogelijkerwijs misbruik van kunnen [...]

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What is a smart city: An introduction

What is a smart city? This article provides a definition of a smart city: What is a smart city? In this introduction we try to show what smart cities really are. What is a smart city: A definition of a smart city A smart city wants to respond to the challenges of our time, such as those regarding sustainability and quality of life. This is achieved for example by improving the efficiency of urban operations and services, as well as its competitiveness. And to ensure that the city meets the needs of present and of future generations, in terms of economic, social [...]

By | June 29th, 2017|English|

What is AR (Augmented Reality): An introduction

What is AR? This article provides a definition of AR (Augmented Reality): What is AR? In this introduction we try to show what AR really is. What is AR - A definition of Augmented Reality Augmented Reality (AR) adds digital components to the perceived real world. It is a live image of the real environment to which elements are added by a computer. These additional elements may include: Audio, video, animation, or (GPS) data. The idea of AR is to put real-time images, audio and other sensory enrichment on top of the true environment. In this definition AR is a mix of [...]

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What is VR (Virtual Reality): An introduction

What is VR? This article provides a definition of VR (Virtual Reality): What is VR? In this introduction we try to show what VR really is. What is VR: A definition of Virtual Reality Virtual Reality (VR) makes it possible to project images in three dimensions. For example, you can walk through an exotic landscape with VR or mimic an operation through a serious game as if it were real. Your senses are given a non-existent reality. It is not possible to look through the headset; instead of transparent glasses, there are screens that project the virtual world on your retina. This [...]

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What is AI (Artificial Intelligence): An introduction

What is AI? This article provides a definition of AI (Artificial Intelligence): What is AI? In this introduction we try to show what AI really is. What is AI - Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines. AI includes - to name a few technologies - machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition and data mining. The term AI is often used when a machine mimics cognitive functions that are associated with humans, such as learning and problem solving. In this definition Artificial intelligence is a technology that attempts to emulate human performance by learning, drawing its own conclusions, [...]

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